FlexNet M400B basestation

M400B FlexNet Basestation

The FlexNet M400B basestation offers strategic communications options to deploy endpoints in remote or densely populated areas. Their efficient transceivers can transmit and receive in a 200 kHz band of spectrum which provides more dedicated data channels, more granular data and higher network capacity.

The M400B is a compact, efficient basestation designed to fit into space-constrained environments. They require fewer access points than other network architectures, making it easier to send status and usage information point-to-multipoint. Sensus licensed radio spectrum ensures optimal basestation performance, free from interference by other wireless services or radio devices. It also eliminates the risk of being taken over by emergency service providers.

The FlexNet AMI communication network connects basestations directly to endpoints across large geographic areas. This, greatly reduces the number of network backhaul connections and lowers operations and maintenance costs. The FlexNet network delivers double the transmit power of competitive systems over primary-use licensed spectrum – ensuring reliability for mission-critical applications.

FlexNet M400D basestation

M400D FlexNet Basestation

The FlexNet M400D basestation offers a strategic network communications option for smart grid deployments with high volume, diverse traffic requirements. By providing dual M400 transceivers, a single basestation can simultaneously support communications for both AMI meter reading systems and high value applications such as distribution automation (DA), demand response (DR), home area network (HAN) and smart lighting control while transmitting and receiving in a 200 kHz band of spectrum. This bandwidth enables more dedicated channels and higher network traffic capacity, allowing the M400D to take full advantage of the FlexNet AMI Network and its primary-use licensed spectrum that delivers eight times the transmit power of competitive smart grid communication systems.

FlexNet R100NA collector

R100NA FlexNet Collector

The FlexNet R100NA collector provides fill-in network coverage for groups of meters in hard-to-reach locations. The R100NA reduces the need for costly walk-by/drive-by end point reads in “blind spots,” or a complex mix of communication methods. One hundred percent AMI coverage is now more attainable and cost effective than ever.

Measuring 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches, this compact solution can be deployed in a wide variety of environments where space is at a premium. The R100NA integrates seamlessly with the Sensus FlexNet AMI network and supports next generation features that enable secure, high performance communication directly with the RNI (Regional Network Interface). Firmware download, alarm monitoring, advanced encryption, ESM support and remote end point configuration make deployment and operation simple.

screenshot of the Regional Network Interface of the FlexNet communication network

Regional Network Interface (RNI)

The Regional Network Interface (RNI) is the nerve center of the FlexNet communication network. It is made up of hardware, software and database elements, all of which can be customized to your specific needs.

Functionally, the RNI communicates with endpoints and provides you with status updates for your utility system. It continuously gathers and processes network data, storing or sending it to customer information and billing systems. Priority alarms are delivered immediately for fast response while on-board diagnostic tools optimize performance by monitoring and managing network health.

As a secure, cloud-based application, RNI gives you the insight that enables you to operate more efficiently. Reduce service calls by remotely configuring endpoints. Streamline operations by adding plug-ins or custom software applications or get the most value from your FlexNet system by using data analytics applications to improve customer service and reliability.

screenshot of FlexNet system Sensus Analytics data

Sensus Analytics

Sensus Analytics is a bundle of applications that give you the core meter data management performance you need from your FlexNet system–affordably and quickly–without the high cost, commitment to enterprise-wide integration and seemingly endless learning curve.

Sensus Analytics makes your utility data clear, simple and actionable. A functional and customizable suite of applications with user-friendly dashboards enables you to make informed decisions quickly and confidently. Powerful data management tools aggregate information from your AMI, AMR and other sources, securely delivering insights through intuitive apps right to your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Role-based access allows service providers to share tailored information across the organization for improved productivity, visibility and decision-making.

Smart Gateway Sensor Interface

Smart Gateway Sensor Interface

The Smart Gateway Sensor Interface gives gas and water utilities the ability to connect to a variety of applications in all locations—even in areas where no power or land-based communications are available. Leveraging the FlexNet AMI communication network, you can use the interface application to remotely monitor pressures, temperatures, levels and switches. You can also quickly resolve issues by transmitting and forwarding alarms to utility systems or individuals. What’s more, you can analyze the data you’ve stored over time to develop new insights into your operating conditions.

The sensor interface is flexible. It features two 4-20ma analog inputs and two discrete inputs, making it ideal for a number of possible applications. This cost-effective device gives you the power to gather information previously too difficult to capture.

Vehicle Gateway Basestation

Vehicle Gateway Basestation (VGB)

The Vehicle Gateway Basestation (VGB) acquires data from field-based instruments such as utility meters and other diagnostic instruments. The VGB is a compact and portable radio device, so it can be used in any vehicle equipped with a 12-volt DC power outlet.

The VGB can read any device equipped with FlexNet communication network drive-by technology. It is controlled with AutoVu software specially designed for operating Sensus drive-by meter reading equipment. Simply load the desired reading route into your laptop computer and drive along the prescribed route.

Data is collected as your vehicle travels in proximity of meters and other instruments on the route. You can also manually enter information such as route notes and easily edit route configurations when necessary. A simple plug-and-play interface allows you to transfer the collected data directly into your billing system.

screenshot of AutoVU AMR software interface

AutoVu AMR Software

AutoVU software enhances vehicle-based radio reading with graphic on-screen mapping for Sensus FlexNet drive-by solutions. You can set meter locations along a route to change color or disappear from view as each meter is successfully read. Instant on-screen reading verification minimizes the need to re-drive a route to obtain missed readings.

AutoVU is GPS-based for precise location and mapping. Maps automatically reposition as the vehicle moves along, reducing meter reading time and associated costs. To further orient the driver and provide more context, you can also include map layers in the display, such as street layouts and names or water system routes.

screenshot of the AutoRead software interface

AutoRead Software

Increase operational efficiency and simplify your meter reading and billing processes with our AutoRead software package. This program gives you the flexibility to manage all of our encoder-based Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems through a single meter reading system. It is the ideal communications bridge for interfacing between the FlexNet communication network, AMR and TouchRead system, and your computerized billing system.

Whether your meter readers walk-by or drive-by, AutoRead delivers the most up-to-date route information. It keeps you informed about everything—from abnormally high or low readings and misreads to hazards you may encounter along the way.

AutoRead eliminates the need to manually transfer meter data to your computer. Instead, it uploads and prepares the meter data gathered from the Sensus handheld unit or Vehicle Gateway base station (VGB) so it can be transferred to your billing system. AutoRead interfaces with other PC-based or existing mainframe billing and accounting systems by passing ASCII II files back and forth.

In addition, AutoRead generates management reports that provide an overview of your utility’s meter reading activities, staff activities and service issues. Statistical reports show you how much time elapses between meter readings, as well as the date and time that each reading occurred. This information can help you gauge meter readers’ progress and determine if routes should be reorganized to match their individual performance levels.

FlexNet EasyLink Reader device


The FlexNet EasyLink Reader is a portable, radio-based device used to acquire data from utility meters that utilize Sensus SmartPoint modules and/or Itron ERT radios. The Reader is compact and portable, allowing it to be used in any vehicle providing 12-volt DC power.

The Reader provides the ability to read SmartPoint modules for water, gas and electricity meters along with Itron (SCM) Standard Consumption Messages and SCM+ technology used by ERTs. By combining these two technologies, the utility can utilize their existing ERTs while transitioning to FlexNet.

FieldLogic Hand-held device

FieldLogic Hand-held Device (HHD)

The FieldLogic Hand-held Device (HHD) is a reliable, flexible electronic device used to collect and store meter readings and program SmartPoint modules. You can upload pre-programmed route information from Sensus PC-based FieldLogic software using Wi-Fi or the device’s Ethernet-enabled communications/charging stand as an interface. The unit comes with built-in capacity for expanded uses. FieldLogic hand-held devices include models FL7501 and FL7502 (Walk-By RadioRead Device).

Juniper Archer 3 handheld device

Juniper Archer3 Hand-held

The Juniper Archer 3 is an Android based handheld is your all-day efficient mobile data collection device. Designed to be ultra rugged, the Archer 3 meets IP68 and MIL-STD-810G standards and is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof while remaining ergonomic for single-handed data entry. A 20-hour battery life provides all day usage to program, activate, or interrogate your Sensus meters and SmartPoints or use with other Android compatible data collection software and applications.

Trimble TDC600 handheld smartphone and GNSS receiver

Trimble TDC600

The Trimble TDC600 handheld is a sleek, all-in-one rugged smartphone with a built-in professional GNSS receiver. Designed for ease-of-use in a wide range of GIS and survey applications, the TDC600 helps you collect and retrieve highly accurate spatial information while staying in touch with the office—all with a single device. It’s the smart, productive way to collect data and communicate from the field.

CommandLink wireless interface

CommandLink Wireless Interface

The CommandLink wireless interface provides access to a complete suite of functional controls within a gas, water or electric SmartPoint transceiver. This Bluetooth-enabled device, coupled with a hand-held reader or programmer, performs on-demand interrogation of the SmartPoint radio. This lets you control activation, programming and diagnostic settings.

CommandLink provides instant access to any SmartPoint radio’s programmed and stored information. You can retrieve setup information, validate readings, and verify or reprogram settings for optimal performance.

When communication with the SmartPoint is complete, CommandLink establishes communication with the tower gateway base station. It transmits all reading, setup, binding and alarm information directly to the database. Here, you can receive instant confirmation of any changes made at the SmartPoint.

AutoGun AG6590 meter reading device

TouchRead AutoGun

The AutoGun AG6590 AutoGun is a multifunction, versatile meter reading device designed to reach hard to read meters. The AutoGun provides on-site electronic meter interrogation from TouchRead® System equipped meters. It can be used as a standalone reading device or can be connected to a Sensus handheld device (FL6500, AR5500) or Trimble Nomad for reading Sensus and other register encoders.

The AutoGun’s ergonomic design provides a well-balanced, easy to handle unit. The AutoGun is housed in a weather resistant molded case. Surface mounted circuitry in the specially designed watertight case allows the AutoGun to be used in rugged field conditions over a wide range of temperatures. An optional PitProbe extension accessory will allow the user to read meters in underground pits and vaults while avoiding back or leg strain.

TouchReader+ 3096 reading device

TouchReader 3096

The TouchReader+ 3096 reading device is a battery-powered, compact reading device with a visual display. It lets you read meters interfaced to the TouchRead System. The TouchReader+ uses Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology to electronically read an individual meter on the TouchRead System. This capability helps greatly reduce errors as compared to manual entry.It features a slim, easy-to-hold ergonomic shape specially designed for comfortable and convenient one-hand operation. The unit weighs less than seven ounces and can be carried in a pocket or its own belt-mount case. So once you return after a full day of meter reading, data entry is a snap.

Visu-Link VL9 display

visu-Link VL9

The Visu-Link VL9 is a wall mountable display that allows you to read consumption data on hard to access meters. The VL9 will connect with your encoded Sensus meter via 3-wire connection so you can retrieve consumption data at eye level without needing to access the meter directly.

iPERL smart water meter


iPERL® smart water meters offer unparalleled, low-flow accuracy with high-flow durability. They use innovative magnetic technology to capture previously unmeasured low flow. iPERL meters increase your returns while maximizing your operational efficiency. And that can help you drive additional revenue.

With no moving parts, lead-free iPERL water meters maintain their accuracy over a 20-year lifetime. With Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) connectivity—as well as 14 condition, diagnostic and lifetime alarms—iPERL meters provide a quick resolution to issues you may experience in the field.

Sensus ally water meter


The Sensus ally® water meter is groundbreaking technology that sets a new standard in water distribution system management. This residential smart water meter features an integrated, three-state remote service valve for remote shut off, turn on and reduced flow. ally also has pressure and temperature sensors and alarms available.

The innovative electromagnetic flow measurement technology of the ally meter allows enhanced accuracy ranges at both low and high flows and perpetual accuracy over the life of the product. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The ally meter has a 20-year life cycle, along with a 15-year accuracy warranty.

SR II water meter


SR II® magnetic-drive, positive-displacement meters use an oscillating piston. This feature provides superior sensitivity in measuring a wide range of flows for a variety of residential applications. The SR II meters are part of Sensus smart-water network utility management solution. They are accurate, reliable and sustainable residential water meters that meet the evolving needs of utilities.

accuSTREAM water meter


accuSTREAM™ magnetic-drive, positive-displacement water meters use an oscillating piston to provide superior sensitivity in measuring a wide range of flows for a variety of residential applications. accuSTREAM meters are part of Sensus' smart water network utility management solution. They are accurate, reliable and sustainable residential meters designed to meet your evolving needs.

The meters’ designs include a high-quality composite material main case, dual inlet ports, a patented bottom-plate and a streamlined flow pattern. These components provide lasting measurement accuracy and years of dependable service. The meters’ electronic registers have a high-resolution, nine-digit output.

OMNI R² water meter


Improve accuracy range and extend meter service life for large residential applications with OMNI™ R², one of the most technologically advanced, large water meters on the market today. Sensus OMNI R² provides longer service life than any other comparable meter.

The OMNI R² is available in 1.5- and 2-inch sizes. There are two versions of the 2-inch model: with and without a strainer. The V-shaped integral strainer includes a stainless steel screen that can be removed to perform routine maintenance.

OMNI Turbo (T2) water meter

OMNI T2 Turbine

Improve accuracy range and extend meter service life for schools, hospitals, retail centers and other general commercial applications with the OMNI™ Turbo (T2), one of the most technologically advanced water meters on the market today. OMNI T2 meters are made of epoxy-coated ductile iron (1.5" - 10") and are available in a stainless steel version (OMNI T2S) in 1.5″, 2″ and 3″ sizes.

OMNI Turbo (T2) water meter

OMNI C2 Compound

Improve your accuracy ranges in schools, hospitals, retail centers and more with Sensus OMNI™ Compound (C2) water meters. The most technologically advanced, large water meters on the market, OMNI C2 provides longer service life than all other comparable meters.  These meters are similar to the Sensus OMNI T2 , but OMNI C2 meters have a wider flow range. OMNI C2 meters are made of epoxy-coated ductile iron (1.5" - 10") and are available in a stainless steel version (OMNI C2S) in 1.5″, 2″ and 3″ sizes.

OMNI Fireline F2 commercial water meter

OMNI F2 Fire Service

When you’re faced with limited vault space, the OMNI Fireline (F2) commercial meter is ideal. Designed to make maintenance easier on both fire protection and commercial water lines, the OMNI F2 is certified, so you can be confident functionality will be there when you need it most. The measurement principles of the F2 meter assure enhanced accuracy ranges and a longer service life than any other comparable meter.

OMNI Fire Hydrant H2 commercial water meter

OMNI H2 Hydrant

The OMNI Fire Hydrant (H2) commercial meter is designed to measure water from fire hydrants and other non-permanent applications. The OMNI H2 meter assembly maintains peak performance and continuous operation without affecting long-term accuracy or causing any undue component wear. OMNI H2 also provides an added 25 percent flow capacity over and above the maximum flows listed for intermittent flow demands.

Sensus OMNI Verification V2 test water meter

OMNI V2 Verification

The Sensus OMNI Verification (V2) portable test meter gives you a fast and efficient solution to test the accuracy and performance of your large meters. The test meter will quickly become an important part of your water system’s maintenance operation. Piping and flow pattern irregularities can influence your meters’ accuracy and testing them in-line provides a truer indication of in-service accuracy. With OMNI V2 you no longer have to take your meters out of service to test them.

OMNI's floating ball technology enables the V2 to verify flows from ½ gallons per minute (GPM) to 500 GPM through a single chamber. Along with the V2 hardware, you will also receive the Sensus Flow Verification software. The software lets the operator connect to the V2 test meter electronically and pull the required data for test results from the register. When testing an OMNI meter with the V2 you can electronically connect both meters to the software and automate the data side of testing.

Sensus Hydroverse water meter


Sensus Hydroverse™ water meters deliver industry-leading accuracy, flow range and low-flow sensitivity for commercial and industrial potable, reclaimed and raw water applications. Using proven electromagnetic metering technology, the Hydroverse meter is ideally suited to capture revenue from large commercial accounts, enable district/zone metering and measure export or raw water flow.

Benefit from the ease of programming, flexible communication, data storage, power supply options, configurable alarms and minimal head loss provided by this smart commercial water meter.

Mainline Propeller water meter

mainline Propeller

Mainline Propeller meters (Model 101/102) are primarily intended for accountability measurement of potable and non-potable cold water with flow in one direction only. Registration accuracy is 100% ± 2% of actual throughput within specified normal flow ranges. Because all appropriate parts are sealed for protection, the meters can be used in water containing particulate solids (such as sand), without causing undue wear.

Mainline Propeller meters are available in weld-on, clamp-on, plain tube and flanged end styles for applications where accountability rather than revenue is a factor. Typical applications include pump discharge, fresh water treatment plant measurement, sewage treatment plant effluent and chemical feed control. Available with Electronic Rate of Flow (E-ROFI) registers.

SmartPoint 520M pit set module

SmartPoint Pit Set

The SmartPoint® 520M pit set module is a radio transceiver designed for use in submersible, pit set environments. With true two-way communication ability, it serves as a walk-by end point, drive-by end point, fixed-base end point or any combination of those. This versatility gives you highly flexible data collection options and simplifies both current operations and network evolution.

The 520M collects data from the meter register and transmits it to the collection device. In walk-by/drive-by mode, the transceiver collects data and waits for an activation signal from the Vehicle Gateway base station (VGB) or handheld device (HHD). When it receives a signal, it transmits the readings, the meter identification number and any alarms. As a fixed-base end point, the 520M interacts with strategically placed base stations in the service area. Utilities can migrate from walk by/drive-by to fixed-base by simply adding a base station.

SmartPoint 510M non-pit set module

SmartPoint Wall Mount

The SmartPoint® 510M non-pit set module is a radio transceiver that gives you RF inbound and outbound access to water measurements and ancillary device diagnostics. It’s designed for non-submersible/non-pit (surface-mount) installations. With two-way communication ability, it serves as a walk-by or drive-by end point, a fixed-base end point or any combination of those. This versatility gives you highly flexible data collection options and simplifies both current operations and network evolution.

The 510M collects data from the meter register and transmits it to the collection device. In walk-by/drive-by mode, the transceiver collects data and waits for an activation signal from the Vehicle Gateway base station (VGB) or hand-held device (HHD). When it receives a signal, it transmits the readings, the meter identification number and any alarms. As a fixed-base end point, the 510M interacts with strategically placed base stations in the service area. Migrate from walk-by/drive-by to fixed base by simply adding a base station.

Act-Pak Remote Monitoring automatic control translator package


The Act-Pak Remote Monitoring is an automatic control translator package. It comprises a line of electronic instruments for recording, totalizing and controlling devices, based on meter throughput. The Act-Pak device accepts pulses or contact closures from both water and gas metering devices and then provides a variety of outputs displaying consumption, rate-of-flow data, and process control.

Stratus smart electricity meter


It takes a vast amount of data and speed to maintain safe, accurate and reliable management of a smart grid. That’s what Stratus delivers. Available in form 2S Remote Disconnect, Stratus is one of only two residential smart electricity meter families with the UL 2735 certification.

Stratus meters increase energy efficiency and enhance safety standards with industry-leading sensors for high temperature detection. They also help you manage your operations with opt-in and conservation voltage reduction capability. And when outages do arise, they can restore service faster.

By combining Stratus with two-way communications on the Sensus FlexNet communication network, you can instantly configure, upgrade and customize the meters’ electricity management platform. Use them to capture and analyze more data at fewer access points for optimal operational efficiency.

Stratus IQ smart electricity meter

Stratus IQ

Stratus IQ  takes measurement to a whole new level by monitoring and providing feedback through enhanced data. Stratus IQ was designed to provide utilities with the data visibility and control needed to quickly adapt to a rapidly evolving smart grid.

Building upon the best-in-class Stratus metering platform, Stratus IQ combines grid edge intelligence with precise energy measurement into one powerful package. This meter provides two-way counting and options for high or low granularity of reads. Plus, with high-precision voltage monitoring and outage alarms, Stratus IQ has the intelligence to deliver smart better.

Not only does this next-gen meter give utilities commercial and industrial power in a residential meter, it’s also obsessively designed and tested to be indestructible. With more data captured than any other meter,  Stratus IQ is fanatical about collecting—and protecting—information.

iConA Gen 4 residential electricity meter


iConA Gen 4 residential electricity meters are designed to meet both your growing needs and your customer demands. They provide expanded measuring and monitoring capabilities to  deliver real-time, actionable information for smart grid applications.

iConA Gen 4 electricity meters deliver returns on your investment for years to come. They’re packed with better ways to measure, monitor and protect right out of the box. Plus they’re programmable. So you can choose the features you require and change them as your needs grow.

Aclara kV2c electricity meter

Aclara kv2c gen 5

The Aclara kV2c goes beyond revenue metering by offering real-time instrumentation, true power quality and real cost of service measurements. And, with over two million meters deployed since introduction, it’s a proven workhorse meter purpose-built for the challenges of commercial & industrial customers.

The kV2c is internally equipped with a Sensus SmartPoint module, giving utilities the power and performance of the FlexNet communication network coupled with revenue grade metering functionality and advanced power quality monitoring. Whether you are metering the simplest energy rate or collecting critical quality of service and load analysis information on a polyphase or a single phase circuit, there is a kV2c meter configuration to meet your needs.

The robust revenue-grade meter design is based on Aclara’s cutting edge technology that provides high accuracy and reliability.

Aclara I-210+c smart electricity meter

aclara i-210+c

The I-210+c Aclara smart meter is equipped with an internal SmartPoint module (DT-20 or DT-105), providing utilities with a meter platform that is able to utilize the unparalleled performance of FlexNet—a real-world tested, smart grid network. The long-range radio network provides the I-210+c meter with a scalable and reliable communications infrastructure enabling smart cities.

The integrated radio module provides point-to-multipoint communications, reducing the number of access points required to capture and transmit data. With a large inventory of licensed spectrum, the FlexNet network has the bandwidth to support multiple applications as well as future data requirements.

Collectively, the secure FlexNet network and the I-210+c’s key features include time of use (ToU), load profile data, power-quality information, an optional remote connect/ disconnect switch and UL 2735 certification for exceptional safety and reliability. I-210+c meters equipped with the DT-105 SmartPoint module feature full meter programming and firmware updates over the air and also support event and voltage sag/swell log reporting.

Honeywell A3 ALPHA electricity meter

Honeywell A3

The Honeywell A3 ALPHA electricity meter for commercial and industrial applications. It is integrated with the Sensus FlexNet communication network. The A3 ALPHA meter is supplied with an internal SmartPoint module that supports two-way communications capability.

The SmartPoint module mounts under the cover of the A3 ALPHA meter, making network deployment as simple as installing a meter. No special equipment is necessary because the SmartPoint module automatically establishes the communication path to the Sensus base station. The SmartPoint module retrieves the data directly from the A3 ALPHA tables and transmits it over the FlexNet communication network.

With features like the Enhanced Supervisory Message (ESM), the A3 ALPHA meter can collect four channels of load-profile information (for example, kWh or kVARh) and up to six configurable snapshot registers for even more information.

VantagePoint Lighting Control Module

Vantage Point Lighting Control Module

The VantagePoint Lighting Control Module delivers increased public safety and efficiency by giving you real-time access and control to streetlights. And it works for LED and legacy lights so you can update at your own pace.

The lighting control module saves you money over standard photocell switches. By enabling you to set on/off times, your outdoor lighting will consume half the energy of a standard high-pressure sodium (HPS) light, and up to 25 percent less than an LED light. In addition, the module delivers alerts when it senses a problem—saving you approximately 50-75 percent in system maintenance cost.

The module mounts directly to the light fixture via the standard NEMA photocell socket. Using VantagePoint Lighting Software, it provides a full range of control options, including programming of light levels for individual streetlights, immediate flash and turnoff, alarm reporting, and performance data.

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