AMI Fixed Network

Advancements in automated technology have contributed to substantial changes in utility operations allowing a migration from multi-step manually captured information to complete one-click communication at a centralized location. Sensus FlexNet AMI is factually, by the numbers, the most powerful and protected migratable system in the industry based on its Primary FCC Licensed Frequency; consistently delivering two-watt of transmission power from each of its two-way or pingable transmitters at all times. This unmatched power leads to drastically reduced infrastructure requirements and maintenance costs for utilities.

As Advanced Metering Infrastructures grow and produce increasing amounts of data, utility providers have a growing need to efficiently turn the data into useful information. With minute-by-minute, system-wide operational views, Sensus Analytics meter data management software is the answer for any utility seeking to maximize the value of the data collected from various intelligent devices on their distribution system. Sensus Analytics organizes data acquired across water, gas and electric network communications platforms to drive revenue, improve customer service, and promote better planning. Upon data collection, the system’s flexible user interface presents information in detailed reports for a utility’s use. Sensus Analytics enhances the capabilities of Sensus’ intelligent meters and FlexNet communications network, so utilities maximize the return on infrastructure investments over time.

AMR Drive-By

In a technology driven era, it is becoming more common to see cities implement automated systems to manage their utility resources. As a result, the Utility enhances operational efficiency and accuracy, while maximizing resource accountability and revenue.

In the case of drive-by, readings are performed with a Sensus VGB, a portable radio-based meter reading device which can be used in any vehicle providing 12-volt DC power. The operator simply sets up the system in the vehicle and loads the desired meter reading route into the computer. The meter reading data is collected while the vehicle traverses the route. A Sensus VGB is, at minimum, twice as strong as all competing AMR systems – this greater power leads to decreased drive-time and concomitant savings to the utility. Driving every street to collect meter reading information is typically not required, reducing the associated costs for data collection including time and fuel. The VGB reading system uses FCC, primary-use, licensed spectrum, to enable this superior reading distance.

In concert with their longstanding AMR drive-by solution, Sensus has developed a progressive drive-by system that is capable of reading Sensus AMR/AMI SmartPoint alongside Itron ERTs. The FlexNet EasyLink™ mobile communication solution is a simple and cost-effective way to transition from ERT meter reading technology to the Sensus FlexNet communication network. One FlexNet EasyLink device has the ability to simultaneously read both ERTs and Sensus SmartPoint modules, a feature that is unique to the water industry. This will allow OCWUT to migrate at its own pace, keeping existing ERTs in the field while SmartPoint modules are being deployed throughout the Utility.

AMR Walk-By

Similar to the Sensus AMR Drive-By meter reading system, an AMR Walk-By solution uses a Sensus Radio Frequency (RF) FieldLogic Hand-held device to remotely read FlexNet SmartPoints. Upon returning to the office, simply connect the FieldLogic Hand-Held to your computer and upload the metering data into your system.

SmartPoints are robust, high-powered radio-frequency transmitters that provide inbound and outbound access to measurement and other diagnostics. The same SmartPoints are compatible with Sensus AMI, AMR Drive-By, and AMR Walk-By automated meter reading systems or a hybrid combination thereof, empowering you to upgrade and migrate your infrastructure without replacing your field assets.


A Sensus TouchRead solution provides easy to use and compact meter reading solution ideal for smaller utility providers or multi-tenant complexes with less than 500 service connections. Using the Sensus AutoGun and FieldLogic Hand-held device, a field operator can obtain consumption data from an encoded Sensus register through a TouchCoupled or wall-mount connector.

An optional AutoGun Pit-Probe Extension can be used to access hard to reach areas, such as large underground meters located in hazardous areas, or even reduce body fatigue from repetitious bending and squatting to obtain data.

A Sensus Touch-Read solution will help decrease the time it takes to read your meters while reducing potential data errors.

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